About Us
Here at Longburton Farm we run Agility classes catering for all ages and levels of ability in a relaxed atmosphere with the emphasis on the word FUN.
Most dogs need to be one year old, (check with your vet if in doubt) but neither dog nor owner need be super fit as you don’t have to run everywhere!
While learning to use the equipment safely your dog is using his brain.
Mental stimulation is a must for the many working breeds kept as pets such as:
Labradors, Retrievers, Springer and Cocker Spaniels, Collies and the increasingly popular crosses of the above breeds.
An activity such as agility not only keeps yours and your dog’s mind awake, it also strengthens the  bond of mutual trust and understanding between you whilst immensely enjoyable and rewarding for both.

Things you will need to bring : A fairly long lead  ( not a slip lead ) and your dog needs to be wearing a flat collar  ( No Choke or half choke / check chains please )
You will need some tasty treats cut into pea sized pieces preferably something soft and easy to swallow quickly such as cheese , cooked sausage , chicken , liver or liver cake a particular favourite (
recipe included ).
Don’t feed your dog before you come to class , as he won’t feel like being too active on a full stomach or interested in treats and could suffer from bloat (which can be fatal ) 
If you would rather not use food treats and he has a favourite toy or ball something small that you can keep in your pocket then bring that - but please not a squeaky one as this can distract other dogs in the class .
We have an excellent fully lit indoor arena for wet weather and winter use .
Previous experience is not needed as we will show you and your dog how to use the equipment correctly and safely whether you wish to Compete or just have Fun together .
Listed are the pieces of Agility Equipment that we use and some commands that we give our dogs for each item , you need to decide on a word for each item and stick to it so as not to confuse your dog .